Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby's hungry and the money's all gone....

Just kidding - we're not even in Mexico silly! But who doesn't love a little James Taylor?

At any rate we ARE in Budapest. We got here on Monday and while we were only planning on staying a week, our place here is so great that we extended our stay through the end of October. We're staying in a little two-bedroom apartment on the more quiet and residential Buda side of things and it's close to a couple parks and grocery stores.

Yesterday we hoofed it over the Danube River to the more cosmopolitan Pest (pronounced Pesht) side to eat falafel and check out some bookstores. We spent quite a bit of time hanging out in a park watching kids skateboard which reinvigorated Vaughn's desire to practice.

Today we splurged and Jacob and I got Thai massages. There are places to get Thai massage everywhere and the prices are a real bargain - just under $40 (including tip) for an hour and a half. I had never had a Thai massage before and the experience reminded me of those cartoons where someone gets caught on a conveyor belt and goes through a piece of machinery that pummels, stretches, and twists them until they come out on the other side in the shape of pretzel. About 20 minutes in I really started to regret having a cup of coffee beforehand. I laid there and debated whether or not to tell my masseuse that I needed to go to the bathroom before deciding I could just stick it out. About 45 minutes in she rolled me onto my back and dug her thumbs into my lower abdomen and held them there - for 10 whole seconds. I think a tear actually rolled down my cheek. Nonetheless the experience was incredible and on the way home I started to envision becoming a Thai massage junkie and never leaving Budapest and having to beg friends for money to come home.

Next up on Hungarian indulgences is to check out the famous thermal baths and then all three of us are going to get one of those pedicures where tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet because, after three months in flip flops, really only fish should be touching my feet.

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