Sunday, October 9, 2011

Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

Today we went and spent the day hiking at Plitvice Lakes, a Croatian national park and UNESCO world heritage site. I have a bad head cold right now so I'm not exactly on top of my game (I also made the mistake of taking half a Sudafed on top of two cups of coffee so I started the day both sniffly and cracky) but I've been looking forward to this day since I started researching Croatia.

The park gets over 900,000 visitors a year but it was pretty quiet today and for long stretches it was just the three of us. We hiked for a solid five hours, much of it spent listening to Vaughn telling us made up stories in a steady in a stream of consciousness. The park contains 16 lakes and several waterfalls, all connected by a series of trails and wooden foot bridges that hover just above the water. The mineral and organic content of the lakes makes the clear water a brilliant aquamarine blue and there are fish everywhere. The leaves along the trail had started changing and it felt like we were getting our first taste of fall (in the pictures you'll notice Jacob and I are both wearing the hats he crocheted for us).

Toward the end, Vaughn decided he wanted to talk about the band he's been wanting to form with Jacob upon our return (It was going to be called Chips and Salsa - an homage to his favorite and currently hard-to-get snack- but now the name is up for consideration). Vaughn announced to me that my role would be to pop my head in occasionally and announce "Lunch is ready!" - which pretty much matches my musical ability so I was hard pressed to get offended.

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