Monday, November 14, 2011

High on the Hills is a Lonely Goatherd....

The writing on the bottle liquid soap in our hotel room in Salzburg is all in German except the name of the soap - Tricky Ricky. What does that even mean? Which marketing genius came up with that?

We're staying in a giant, bargain hotel that is actually nicer than I thought it would be. It has a pool table and sort of a dorm/hostel vibe with the exception of the odd older adult or family here and there (present company included in that demographic). In the rooms they have a stencil by the light switch that says "Find the Cow" and there are three or four red cow stencils around the room. They show The Sound of Music twice a week at the hotel and as I passed Sound of Music bus tours and play bills on the street I had to wonder if any girl comes of age in Salzburg not having acting as one of the Von Trapps in a community theater production.

Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum here which I can say was one of the best I've ever been to. Vaughn wasn't initially excited but I gave him ye ol' "learn something and we'll call it homeschooling for today" and he perked right up.

Today we attempted to wander around but we hadn't put any effort into figuring out what there was to see here and didn't last very long past lunch. We only sort of glanced in the direction of the castles and churches. I was excited about the prospect of shopping the Christmas Market but everything just kind of seemed like overpriced crap I could pick up at Cost Plus. I guess you could say we're experiencing a bit of sticker shock to be out of Eastern Europe and I suppose it is fair to say we're tired. Tomorrow we leave for Garmisch, a town we know nothing about but it was part way between here and Stuttgart where we're headed Saturday to stay with my high school friend, Brian and his wife. Plus the rental was large, always a plus after three nights in a single hotel room- even if it does have cow stencils.

PS - If the title of this blog makes no sense to you then you don't love The Sound of Music enough and have no business in Salzburg (special shout out to my SoM buddy Mr. M. Moyers!)

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