Friday, November 4, 2011

Praha- Pt. One

How do you drive a nine year old insane? Put a gas powered go-kart in the kitchen of your rental that he can't drive but play German Monopoly with him as a consolation prize. Actually, like many things on this trip, Vaughn was a real sport about the off-limits go-kart.

We arrived in Prague on Tuesday and while we've only seen a little bit, I'm already in love with this city. It is charming and magical and romantic but in a dark and broody way - but it's possible that's just the weather now. We're seeing the city by way of running errands on foot - an English language bookstore, vegan restaurants, and yarn stores. Thus, we haven't really toured many of the sites but we have run into several by accident. Today we walked across the famous Charles Bridge which is lined with statues, buskers and artists selling jewelry and prints. We stopped to listen to the aptly named "Bridge Band" play the jazzy number "Chinatown" with thick Czech accents and bought their CD. We debated briefly on going into the Museum of Medieval Torture Devices but thought better of it at the last minute. And of course, we bought to-go cups of hot, mulled wine from one of the many vendors selling it along the street.

Tomorrow I think we'll get around to touring the famous Czech Castle which, according to Guinness World Records is the largest ancient castle in the world and also happens to be just a short walk from our house. I'm also fixated on getting myself one of these posters from the Museum of Communism.

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